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In conjunction with publication of the leading text Tourism, Travel & Hospitality Law 2ed Thomson Reuters Sydney 2011 559 pages special training workshops are being developed to assist owners and operators in this industry to ensure that their business/property is legally compliant.

The special program developed for each sector will be rolled out progressively in response to need and industry demand.

Accommodation is the first sector to be covered and in particular HOLIDAY RENTAL where many owners, managers and other stakeholders have requested assistance to deal with regulatory compliance and key emerging issues.


Workshop Information:
Ensure Legal Compliance for Holiday Rental Owners and Managers

It is envisaged that other priority sectors where special workshops will be scheduled on demand will be:

  • Commercial accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Serviced Apartments, Motels etc)
  • Travel agents
  • Tour operators
  • Cruise boats/ships
  • Adventure travel operators
  • Activities & Attractions
  • Others (as demanded)

Workshops and other specialised compliance training, audits and advisory services will be provided on demand.

Compliance, Security & Risk Management

  • Legal and regulatory compliance audits, plans and programs
  • Risk management reviews, plans and advice
  • Lobbying and advocacy on law and regulation changes
  • Due diligence
  • Troubleshooting


This is one of the most famous and tragic tourism disasters and, though it happened almost 100 years ago, it still provides salutary lessons for tourism security, compliance and risk management today.See Article

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